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Department of Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

About us

Vision of a personalized psychiatry:

The Department of Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DAPP) is a Swiss leader in patient care, research and teaching. Our Department integrates various interdisciplinary research groups and a team of dedicated clinicians striving to understand the bio-psycho-social mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders and their optimal treatment. The translational research program encompasses areas from the clinical and preclinical cognitive and emotional neurosciences, process research and social sciences and humanities. Methods include experimental psychology, neuroimaging and neurophysiology, biochemistry, molecular (epi)genetics, and neuropharmacology. Based on this knowledge, we aim at developing more efficient and personalized pharmaco- and psychotherapies. Personalized therapies will result from a multi-dimensional characterization of the patient and his or her psychiatric condition, including individual medical, psychological and psychiatric history, personality and genetic background, and current state of psychological markers and biomarkers. Efficacious personalized therapies will then be based on the appropriate regimen of combined pharmaco- and psychotherapies.

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Department of Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

University Hospital of Psychiatry Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland